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There’s a proverb which goes like “To sell, you must be seen!” If you try to simplify this, it means if you want to sell your produc...

09 Sep 2019

Why Digital Marketing Is Inevitable?

There’s a proverb which goes like “To sell, you must be seen!” If you try to simplify this, it means if you want to sell your product or services you must get recognized by people, you must create a mark in their mind in their mind. Your company or brand can deal in product or service, but in either case you need to do your marketing right. Previously, the marketing used to happen through television, print media, hoardings, sampling and by other means. With time, the world started being digitalised.

Now, a larger number of audience is spending time on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, even smart watches. People do not even bother to search a query when they can just say out loud ‘Okay Google!’ or ‘Hey Siri!’, it’s that simple. In such circumstances, your company/brand should also develop the technique of marketing on the digital platforms; where billions of eyeballs are glued. If you don’t, you will eventually lose almost 40% of your potential clients, which is a huge loss.

Let’s understand, why digital marketing is inevitable in today’s time.

Eyes are glued to smartphones

What is the first thing you do after waking up in the morning? Majority of you just check your phone. In fact, your day starts because your phone beeps the alarm with vibration. When the mass is already available on the digital platform, why not to utilize the same in your company’s favour? When you can push your brand to millions of eyeballs glued to their screens, why not?

Micro moments

People are living in micro moments. What does that mean? A normal person unlocks the smartphone once a while, and surf though various platform for a several minutes. Now there are already thousands of brands who are already into digitalisation. To make a mark, you only get a micro moment, which is just a second or two. Suppose a person is scrolling through his Instagram feed, you need to push your best marketing strategy to grab his attention, and for that a second is enough. All you need is a good digital marketing team to back you up.

Know your potential clients

Digital Marketing is not only to sell, it is also used to gain crucial data to help your brand. You can utilize the cache and cookies of your potential clients, and later push them with your product or service. Let’s understand with an example- Have you ever searched iPhone XR on Google, and after a few hours you open Amazon to buy grocery, but there you see a little floating ad of iPhone XR. You think it’s some kind of telepathy, but it is simply a smart move of digital marketing which uses your cache and cookies.

Because it’s late

Digital Marketing reduces cost, it increases your credibility & connection with people, it turns the conversation rate from potential to a permanent client higher, but above everything – It’s getting late. Most of the companies are already on-board with Digital Marketing. They are optimizing their potentials to the fullest. So before it gets too late, pull your sleeves up to make the right decision.


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