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There exists various different types of devices and techniques which when used properly can help in the growth and expansion of an enterprise in the r...

25 Sep 2019

Why having a great CRM & ERP model is important?

There exists various different types of devices and techniques which when used properly can help in the growth and expansion of an enterprise in the right direction. One of such way is ERP and CRM. These two techniques are though very similar to each other which sometimes also overlaps but in reality they are very different as in functionality. The basic aim of both these processes is to increase the overall profitability of the enterprise in the right and proper way.

CRM or customer relationship manager as the name suggests is mostly devoted into finding probable customers and taking care of the existing ones. It uses with customer relationship in such a way that the Goodwill existing in the market of the enterprise remains so or increases. It is the process of keeping the customers loyal and true to the enterprise. That generally is the CRM software which simplifies the work in a easy way.

Unlike CRM, ERP concentrates on managing the business and increasing profitability from within the boundary. Its main motive is to increase the potentiality of the business by having in interconnected system within the departments of the enterprise which when needed can be easily accessed. All the employees are expected to put in information which can easily be scanned through the departments as according to themselves. There also exist various kinds of ERP software which allows the work to be done effortlessly and steadfastly.

Benefits of CRM

Enhancing customer service

The easiest and quickest way to be e study in the market is to keep the customers loyal and true. The best probable way to do this is by enhancing the customer service. CRM allows enterprises to get directly in contact with the customers in such a way that they feel a sense of personal touch.  It allows the enterprise to personally contact the customer rather than making groups and contacting them. this enhances customer service to great extent and increases the profitability of the enterprise.

Potential customers

In order for an enterprise to grow it needs to expand itself and spread its wings. CRM does that work for you. Apart from keeping up with the existing customers and enhancing customer services with them another important function of CRM is to fetch potential customers. This job might sound a lot more easier than done. In order to find the right potential customer it has to decide about the potentiality of the customer and how can that be a major factor in the growth of the enterprise. CRM also evaluates how much of profitability can be increased with the addition of such customers and makes it possible that we get on board.

Benefits of ERP

Cost management

One of the greatest things to look out for expanding the business is to keep a tab on the cost. Costing can be an extremely expensive factor which needs to be checked again and again in order to maximize profit. ERP provides your enterprise and easy solution to minimize your cost to the maximum level. Instead of spending a huge sum of money e on various different resources and department ERP does the work of bringing it all under one roof does curbing the cost to great extent.

Easily visible

Clarity and visibility are the key features of a business. Most of the devices in the market to bring this major change in the enterprise which ERP does effortlessly. It makes it possible for you to access all the important processes of all departments by providing you with the data of it. In this way clear visibility can be achieved about what is happening. As it contains a centralized stock of information for the entire enterprise accessibility also gets easier and hassle-free.

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