Having a business or organization is extremely pleasing. Especially in a place like Melbourne where the place has rapidly improved its position in terms of business-friendliness. Melbourne is one of the most business-active city in the world. But that doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to achieve customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction. Does it? You business or organization is largely dependant on two areas, if you look closely. One is your customers, probable customers and clients, yet to be targeted potential leads and another part is your own people in the enterprise, who are doing the work of your company.
As a founder of your company, you should prioritize customers’ satisfaction as well as well being of the employees. How to do it right without messing it up? That’s where CRM & ERP steps in.
Basically, CRM & ERP both are softwares which are used by the companies to maximise the profitability in a hassle free way. Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning are extremely important elements of a company, and they both play crucial roles in positive growth of the company or organization.

Here, you are about to find out why only having a business in Melbourne can not win you the world, but the correct CRM and ERP solutions can!

Benefits of CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a way to create better relationship with your customers. You have good products and services, that’s great! But will they sell themselves? Of course, not! Then, what will? The relationship with your customers will sell your product and services!

Know your customer

Knowing your customer will only help you to sell better. On CRM software, you will have information related to a customer saved on each contact! Which means, with just one click you will be able to know his birthday, last order, last refund, reason of dissatisfaction and so more. You will also have all the chat messages, emails saved too. And these all will help you to make your next sell better, on a personal level. And if customer feels special, there are higher chances of him being a loyal customer. So it also helps you in customer retention.


Once you have all the data of your customer, it will be a lot easier for you to anticipate what your customer is demanding from you. If you can anticipate what your customer is demanding from you, you are creating product and services for a almost guaranteed sell. So it acts as a cost cutter too.

Benefits of ERP

On the other hand, your own employees’ needs should also be taken care of.


Managers can forecast with 100% accuracy with ERP software regarding their organization’s needs. Be in Inventory management, or Data Sheet Production, all works will be duly forecasted by a simple ERP software, giving you the control as a manager or owner.


With ERP, it becomes extremely easier to collaborate as departments. Also, ERP is completely scalable – one can add or delete information from the system with the proper credentials. Integrating information in a deep level is also possible with ERP.

Overall, CRM & ERP are two extremely important elements for your business to grow towards its goals. Help your business to escalate towards its success.